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Home Visits

First Time Home Visits 

(1 to 2 hours) 



     Follow up Visits

(30 min - 1hr)



  • Review of health history

  • Physical assessment of mother's breast & baby's oral/structural anatomy

  • Weight Check (pre&post)

  • Feeding is observed, assessed, and evaluated.

  • Collaboration with Provider

  • Detailed Plan of Care

  • 1-2 weeks follow up via email and/or phone if applicable.

*no cost for mileage if address is within 20 miles of zip code 76022 

$1.00 per mile after the 20 miles

Virtual Consultations

Any visit related to breastfeeding except infant weight gain issues as initial visit

(20 minutes - 1 hour)

$50.00- 75.00

  • Review of history and current breastfeeding

  • Detailed Plan of Care

  • If a current issue, previous visit from the doctor within the last week is recommended.

Individual Breastfeeding Class

Breastfeeding Basics,  Management of Common or Previous Breastfeeding Concerns, and Breast Assessment

(1hr-1 1/2hr)



  • Evidence Based Education on current Breastfeeding Recommendations.

  • Management of common or previous breastfeeding concerns.

  • Breast assessment.


To request a visit, please fill out the

Consult Request Form (click on link)

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